Top 5 ways to advertise your website for free

Starting a new project can sometimes require minimal money spend to start out, especially if you want to build things up slowly and/or have a limited budget. In this article I’d like to share my top 5 tools you can use to advertise your website for your project – for free.

1. Instagram

Free to download and use, Instagram is a great way to advertise your website. You can use your own account to post about your website content in your story which also allows people to swipe up to visit a link. Another great thing to try is asking any friends with a high number of followers if they can feature it in their story.

If your website is about photography, food or similar then creating a companion account could be a wise choice so that you can post relevant photos, follow various people and advertise in the story.

2. Twitter

Twitter can be quite powerful and having an account for your website is very important. Using this you can follow relevant people/companies and make use of trending hashtags that relate to your website to get the message out. You can also get involved in relevant topic conversations.

Another great feature is the free analytics you can use and see how your posts are doing as well as other information.

3. Facebook

Setting up a Facebook page to go along with your website is an option, or similar to Instagram you can advertise in your story. You can also advertise in your status and let people know about the website in a private message. However some caution must be taken here as seeing someone plug something too much in their status or by message can become annoying.

4. YouTube

If you already have a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers then you should definitely create a short video introducing your website. If you don’t, then maybe friends can help such as being featured on their channel in return for featuring one of their videos on your website.

5. LinkedIn

Being a business social website, LinkedIn can be a good place to advertise too in your status and setting the view option to public. You are able to use hashtags too. Plan this carefully however – as you don’t want to come across spammy and risk tarnishing your professional image. If you feel that advertising on LinkedIn might not fit in with your profile, then it’s best not to.

Some quick mentions of things not to do to advertise:

  1. Send out mass e-mails that can come across as spam
  2. Private messaging people you haven’t spoken to before
  3. Jumping onto irrelevant hashtags on social media to try and advertise

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