Top 5 useful phone apps to download

Looking for an app to try out on your phone? Check out the suggestions below.

1. Skyview

Space. I have gained a higher interest in this recently and it is partly thanks to the Skyview app. It uses your phones camera to show you a map of planets, stars and constellations in the sky. So on a clear night you can stand outside, move your camera around and learn. There is a free version to get you started too.

2. Reddit

This official app is a great fast way to use Reddit. So whether you’re looking for advice or just simply wanting to do a bit of reading on your favourite topic, this is the best choice. It also supports Dark Mode (tested on Android).

3. Sofa Score

Organise and view score updates for your favourite sports using this app. What makes this app great is that there is also an Android WearOS and Apple Watch app.

4. Fing

Wireless network running slow? Sometimes it’s good to know what is happening on your home network. Fing shows you all the devices connected, so you can either turn the wireless off on devices that you don’t need or simply check that you don’t have an unwelcome guest connected to your network.

5. Netflix

You may already have Netflix on your TV or laptop, but have you considered your phone? Also if you have a recent phone with a display that supports HDR, then chances are Netflix supports it. This means you can watch great looking HDR content. Using a phone is also perfect for relaxing at night, or when you’re on a journey (as a passenger of course).