The Girl With All The Gifts review: Another take on a zombie movie

With the release of The Last of Us Part II only a few weeks ago, many people are enjoying the new Cordyceps inspired zombie game from Naughty Dog. 

Believe it or not, the premise of the game is based on a real thing. A fungus that infects and manipulates the brains of ants. 

There is no need to get worried just yet. Cordyceps isn’t going to infect humans in a way that make us climb trees and spout fungal growths from our heads. 

However, before The Last of Us Part II was released, there was a movie released in June 2016 that explored this idea. This movie is called ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’.

Having watched this movie, it’s quite unsettling. Children are kept in cells and delivered to a classroom. The first teacher is basically horrible. She has no consideration for the children. 

The second teacher is much more empathetic. The children ask for a story, and our protagonist asks for a story about Greek myths. The teacher tells the story.

Later, the children are in the classroom again. The teacher asks the children to create a story, and our protagonist writes and delivers her story.

The teacher touches the head of this child, clearly emotionally affected by the story she just heard. A soldier enters the room warning the teacher to stay away from the child. This is when things start to take a turn. 

This is as far as I can go without revealing spoilers. 

I followed this movie to the end, and I felt that this movie was a well placed story, not only in the vein of the disease that caused everything, but also the human reaction to things. 

When I got to the end, it wasn’t what I expected. I think that when you watch this movie, you’ll come to your own conclusion about things. 

Ultimately, this is an awesome movie, and I was transfixed from beginning to end.

The Girl With All The Gifts is available now on Amazon Prime.