The Best Laptops of 2021

Microsoft Surface Book 3

There’s no calling the IT guys anymore, you’re on your own. If you’re looking for a quick and easy list of the best laptops on the market currently, then this is the place for you.

1. Microsoft Surface Book 3

As premium as it gets, the Surface book 3 is a fantastic piece of kit thats sure to perform highly well for all business ventures and personal use. There’s no question as to why the Surface book 3 was chosen as the flagship model for Microsoft, as the sleek design boasts for itself. 

Lightweight with a detachable screen, this laptop is sleek and comfortable to use. A key fault for many detachable laptops is how flimsy they are; usually the keyboard feels cheap and fragile, however, the Surface book 3 is designed to be heavy-duty without the additional weight. Perfect for remote working, use it at your desk or whilst you lounge on the sofa. 

Praised highly for its easy to use keyboard, Microsoft has easily rivalled and upgraded Apple’s light-up magic keyboard with a more comfortable, well-rounded and better spaced version. 

Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 comes with full Windows 10 (pure) and a ready built facial recognition web-cam ready to use. If you’re looking for a powerful motor and a high resolution screen all in one compact device, look no further.

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2. HP Spectre x360 14

Image credit : Hewlett Packard

Versatility at its finest. HP have fine tuned the 2 in 1 laptop/tablet combo into a sleek 13.5 inch display screen. As always HP have upped their game and included an OLED panel (optional) and a new unique 3:2 aspect ratio, perfectly enhancing gameplay and performance. Equipped with Intel Xe graphics the HP spectre also comes with FHD display options. 

Any creatives or content creators looking for a new laptop should definitely consider this new HP release. Loaded with a variety of ports (USB type A and C and microSD) this laptop is surely a great piece of equipment to have. 

I must say, in comparison to other 2 in 1 laptops, this laptop stands out significantly.

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3. Acer Chromebook Spin 713

Image Credit: Acer

Budget friendly, the new Acer Chromebook is inexpensive, portable and versatile. If you’re a student or you’re looking for a simple laptop that has all the latest tech without having to invest thousands, this is a God-send. 

Don’t be put off by the lower price tag, Acer has made no compromises in performance or quality. Boasting a long battery life and speedy performance, the Acer Chromebook Spin has one of the most graphic and responsive touchscreens to date. 

Acer has done well to collaborate with a variety of well established partners, With the Acer Chromebook you get to stream to your hearts content powered on Google OS and download multiple games and features with new app store compatibility. 

You’ll be getting more than your moneys worth with this purchase. 

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4. Google Pixelbook Go

Image Credit : Google

The ideal choice for most. The standout feature for this pixel book go is the 1080p front-facing camera (not even top speck MacBook Pro’s have this yet). Undoubtably, the most up to date web cam on a laptop this new release from Google is perfect for zoom meetings or those evening quiz nights with your friends. 

More than just a webcam the Google pixel book boasts many qualities. With 8GB of RAM this Chromebook is able to easily multi-task between dozens of open tabs without any fault in performance, making it perfect for a busy on the go user.

Plus did I mention it has certified 12 hours of run time. Its advertised that the pixel book can get up to two hours of battery life from just 20 minutes of charging, perfect for the commuters or those of you who like to switch up your workspace frequently during the day. 

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5. Asus Chromebook Flip C302

Image Credit: AMAZON

Worthy of premium stature with a tactile keyboard, stunning picture quality and comfortable and sleek design, all without the big price-tag. 

Asus has set a new standard for Chromebook 2 in 1 laptop tablets. Carefully designed for tablet use, the Asus flip has a magnetic clasp to the underside of the notebook when attached beaming a fully functioning laptop design. This design helps the machine feel fluid and solid, typically the keyboard attachment feels cheap and flimsy but Asus does a great job of revolutionising this feature. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more companies copy this design in the future …

The device completely supports Google Play store and runs smoothly. Asus is an admirable company who genuinely listens to their consumers insights, they consistently better their devices and upgrade their tech, its no surprise that the Chromebook flip is their best device yet.

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