Playnite: The ultimate video game library manager

Source: Playnite official website

Over the last couple of months I have been using the video game library manager titled Playnite. The goal is simple and that is to combine all of your game libraries into one, for easy access.

For myself it all started when I was looking at the various launchers for my PC games. I had Epic Games, Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Origin. I wanted to merge these and at the time was looking at a ‘sofa’ setup with a controller. I’ve not had much luck personally with the Big Picture mode in Steam and it didn’t bring all the features I really wanted.

So I came across Playnite and read through the impressive feature list that includes (but not limited to) supporting the above libraries, themes, fullscreen mode, controller support, game info importing and it is free (open source)! For technical users there’s also plenty of advanced options that can be configured.

Source: Playnite official website

The usage is fairly straight forward and once my libraries were imported, Playnite is able to sync these. My experience overall has been smooth and there have been a few updates too which shows that the developer is very active.

There’s a few clever things that impress me with the flexibility of Playnite. The first is the ability to set an option to auto close launchers when you have finished playing, which keeps your running apps to a minimal.

The second is that when you launch your game, Playnite will minimise and then once finished it will pop back up ready to use. If you’re using a controller this is especially handy.

Finally the third feature is the ability to extend the usage to web browsers. For example you can add in a webpage to the launcher and have it open (I had Netflix) then when you’ve finished, Playnite will open back up again. So this opens up the possibility for a full media centre experience.

Doing the above combined with a controller key binding app for desktop use and you have yourself a pretty decent ‘sofa’ entertainment PC. I now have a wireless keyboard with a built in trackpad which has changed my setup a bit and still suits Playnite very well. Of course if you use a desk with keyboard and mouse then that’s fine too.

I would highly recommend Playnite if you have similar needs and I was so impressed I wanted to share my experience.

Playnite runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and you can visit the website below to find out more.