Playing Snowrunner during lockdown has been just the game I needed

I first tried out playing Mudrunner recently via Xbox PC game pass and was quite impressed. I could see that the game was a little older but it kept me busy and there was a lot to enjoy.

But then I moved to Snowrunner quite quickly. This game was released in April and I bought it on the PC in late May. I’d watched some videos of it in action on the PS4 beforehand and simply thought yeah – I need to buy this. I certainly do not regret my purchase!

I’ll start with the visuals. Compared to Mudrunner it is a massive step up – everything from the HUD layout to the environment looks much more polished and it is clear a lot of work has been done to reach this point. On my PC I have been playing the game at 1080p with a mix of High/Ultra settings. My GTX 980 is still hanging in there!

So the gameplay – the physics feel really good when driving around and if you don’t plan ahead too well then you will be punished! This could be getting stuck in mud, or flipping your vehicle down a rocky hill and having to either start your route again or try and use your autonomous winch (an upgrade that works even when your engine is stalled) to make an attempt at flipping back onto your wheels.

There are plenty of vehicles to buy (different classes of trucks and scouts), upgrade and unlock as you progress and there are also plenty of maps to explore. Contracts such as delivering resources require careful planning as you make your way across the terrain to your destination. Side tasks also keep you busy and other things to scout for. These include watchtowers, that once discovered will reveal a portion of the map.

What maps are there? There’s locations based in the USA, Alaska and Russia.

A bonus is also the addition of mods (I’m not sure about the future of that on consoles) and co-op play. One odd thing about co-op play from what I understand is that the host of the game keeps the map progress but others do not. This could potentially be a little annoying, but perhaps it will be addressed in a future update.

I would highly recommend Snowrunner and if you have a PC with a good spec then cranking the game up to Ultra settings will look amazing!

As this is a fairly casual review, I will simply say that this game will take a lot of your time in a good way.

Final words – Hours of logistical fun to last you through lockdown and beyond.

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