PGA Tour 2K21: HB Studios have been busy and it looks great

Source: PGA Tour

As we approach the release date of PGA Tour 2K21 there is now footage being released of gameplay and YouTubers are being allowed to show walkthroughs of the game.

This week HB Studios released their own walkthrough video with key highlights of what to expect. After watching this I am very impressed! I have also watched some gameplay and there are some promising things to highlight when compared to the older TGC 2019.

This includes pretty much no pop in from what I could see (something that was sometimes quite obvious in TGC 2019), improved visuals overall such as lighting and foliage and importantly busier crowds and more noise!

The menus are clean looking and the TV quality overlays in game are looking top notch. I look forward to the release and how the final version plays.

PGA Tour 2K21 releases August 21st on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Switch.