My experience with Elite Dangerous and what the future holds

Elite has been around since 1984, which is the year I was born. The video below shows how Elite has developed over the years, and it’s clear Elite has improved. 

The version I’m familiar with, is the one that was launched in 2014, called Elite Dangerous. This game was released as I was finishing university. The ability to fly through space at multiple times the speed of light, with the ability to visit parts of the universe we’ll never get to visit in a human lifetime, was intriguing.

To be honest, when I first played this game, it was boring and a grind. I’d fly from one place to another on missions that didn’t seem to affect my experience. It was pretty much rinse and repeat. The game was boring. So I uninstalled it and left it alone for several years.

I bought an Xbox One in 2018 and decided to check the game out again. Horizons had previously launched, and I could now drive around and explore planet surfaces. This was a welcome addition to the game.

Fast Forward to 2020, and the game has improved loads since. The new version of Elite has been around for eight years now, and it’s clear Frontier have a game plan.

Enter the Thargoids

The alien species that are the antagonists of the series have made themselves known. They’ve attacked stations, confronted players, and generally left without anyone being able to do anything about it. Who knows what their plan might be, but it’s evident they don’t like humans. 

It’s likely we’ll see more of the Thargoids in the future, and they’ll be more aggressive towards human-kind. Within a universe that is 1:1 scale, there are many places to hide. I’m guessing they’re planning and preparing for an all out assault. Hopefully we’ll see this happen, and be able to respond and defend ourselves in the near future.

Fleet Carriers

With this thought in mind, I’d like to mention a few new developments that have happened in Elite. Within the past few weeks, Fleet Carriers have been introduced. These are mega ships that act as mobile space stations. They are player controlled, with their own services, and manned by a crew of human players. The tariffs and services are dictated by the human controllers. 

Today I completed a mission that involved taking a passenger on a tour of space. The journey was long, and I had to refuel many times on the way. I found myself having to refuel at two different fleet carriers on my trip. Both carriers were parked in orbit around planets, and I was thankful they were there to provide me with fuel.

If you want to buy one of these and have any questions regarding this, you can watch the video below, courtesy of ObsidianAnt.

Space Legs

A trailer was released recently that showed planned additions to the game that included the ability to exit your ship, known as space legs. What this means is, you will be able to depart your ship and explore in first person. This is a very welcome addition to the game and finally, it’ll add to the feeling that you are really involved in the universe.

I’ve been looking at space simulation games for years, hoping that one would make me feel like I was really exploring space and being a part of the universe. I’ve found that whilst Elite Dangerous was disappointing to begin with, it has improved so much and it’s now enjoyable.

I’ve played No Man’s Sky (NMS), and in my opinion it sucked. I still don’t think NMS is any good. I’ve not played Star Citizen, but I hope to in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll continue to play Elite Dangerous and I don’t think I’ll become bored of it anytime soon.

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