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Goldeneye 25: Q&A with the developers

Goldeneye 64 – In my opinion one of the best games ever. I remember firing up the N64 cartridge and playing for hours. Playing with friends was also hilarious and using the cheats that you unlocked after many, many attempts.

In 2022 something special is happening and that is Goldeneye 25. This game is ‘a mission to remake GoldenEye 64 single player in the Unreal Engine by GE64’s 25th anniversary in August 2022’ and I can’t wait! Goldeneye 25 will be releasing on PC and will be free.

Read on below for a great Q&A we had with the developers…

How many people are in the Goldeneye 25 team and what are your roles?

The team consists of two people. Yannick handles all the music and sound. Ben does models, levels, programming, AI, etc…

According to the information online, the planned release date is August 2022 for the 25th Anniversary of Goldeneye 64. How is the game coming along and are things on track?

The game’s development is going well. We have basic AI working and we’re currently in the process of adding objectives to the levels. The levels are about half way finished. Weapons are a little more than half way finished. At the moment it looks like we’re on track for the August 2022 release.

In the Silo gameplay video on your YouTube channel, there are some voice samples from the Goldeneye movie. Can we expect more of this in the final game?

Don’t expect the main characters to be voiced. They’ll have text boxes like the original game. There’s just too many problems related to voice acting for the main characters to make it feasible. There is, however, a good chance you’ll hear guards saying lines.

Will a soundtrack be released alongside the game?

Yes, you’ll be able to buy the soundtrack. 

Are you able to tell us a bit about the game engine and what your end goal is for visuals and physics?

We’re using Unreal Engine and we’re on the latest version of that engine, Unreal Engine 4.25. When applicable we like to base the game’s visuals on scenes from the movie. We want to have detailed visuals, but also make them clear and crisp to aid in gameplay. Unlike a lot of modern games you won’t be seeing waypoints on the screen telling you where to go so it’s important to lead the player along with subtle visual cues. Physics are also very important to us. You’ll be able to shoot small props around and we have plans to integrate Unreal’s new Chaos physics system. This will allow for some environmental destructibility.

Will there be full controller support such as the Xbox Windows controller and Dualshock 4? Can you tell us any further details about that?

There will be support for modern controllers such as the Xbox and PS controllers. In addition you’ll also be able to use the original N64 controller if you have a USB adapter for it.

Are you able to tell us about any new features for Goldeneye 25? Like for example the peeking from behind walls.

You’ll be able to mix and match weapons when you dual-wield (for example a Phantom in your left hand and a PP7 in your right hand). You can also check your objectives without pausing the game. Peeking has been revamped to feel more realistic with your camera tilting as you lean out of cover.

Did you play Perfect Dark on the N64 and would you ever consider making a version of that in the future?

Ben: Perfect Dark is my second favourite game ever after GoldenEye! We won’t be remaking that game though because Rare still owns the rights to it. The only reason we’re able to remake GoldenEye is because it exists in a legal limbo with different companies having claim to different parts of it.

What was your favourite weapon in Goldeneye 64 and why?

Ben: My personal favourite was the AR33. Its zoom capability really helped see enemies on that low-resolution N64 screen. It also had a fast firing rate, object penetration, and a sweet pronged muzzle flash.

You can check out the Goldeneye 25 Twitter and YouTube channels at the links below. Bring on August 2022!