C&C Remastered: Excitement, the 90s and wanting to turn pro

One of my favourite series of games of all time has been remastered, and I’m excited. I’m just gutted the collection didn’t include C&C Red Alert 2. Here’s hoping that it happens.

This is a quick review of what EA have said regarding C&C remastered collection, but you can find more information at the link below.

So, to consider the graphics, the original game was like looking through the Hubble Space Telescope when it was faulty, versus afterwards. The graphics have significantly improved since though, and I have to admit, the game looks bloody awesome! 

The cinematics have been improved as well. So, rather than looking at a pixelated image, you can see images clearly and video that isn’t blurry or chunky.

The music has always been awesome, and this was written and produced by Frank Klepacki. His band, Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons, were responsible for the soundtrack, and they’ve added a few new tracks to make the remastered game even better sounding. There’s also a jukebox option so you can customise your listening preferences.

Whilst there are many pages online that go into detail about the nuances of the game, and what you can find, I’ve chosen to describe my own experience with C&C and let you know my own experience with this series.

Source: EA


The first time I played C&C with a friend, was on my Playstation 1, using a link cable. If you don’t know what that is, just google it and you’ll see, things weren’t as easy for gamers in the olden days. This was way before Smart phones, or when the coolest phone had a flip function that made it look like something out of The Matrix.

Me and a friend would hook up our Playstations, on either side of opposing facing TVs, and fight it out on C&C. We’d spend all night playing, whilst waiting to be told to go to bed by parents.

Later, when I got to college and moved out on my own for the first time, I found my housemate liked the game too, so bought multiple copies of the game and we played for hours and forgot about coursework. It was C&C Red Alert 2 and it was easy to install on our computers. I was pretty good at the game. I’d argue I could have become pro at the game. 

When my housemate moved out, I forgot about C&C, until I got onto Steam and a friend of mine recommended C&C Red Alert 3. I tried the game, but I didn’t like the new units or mechanics, so I left the game alone.

Now, EA are relaunching the remastered series, and I can’t wait to kick my friends asses again. The only problem is, they haven’t remastered C&C Red Alert 2. 

I was gutted to find out that the collection didn’t include C&C Red Alert 2. This was by far my most favourite version, and I had a tonne of fun playing online. 

Whilst the remastered collection didn’t include Red Alert 2, I hope EA choose to remaster this awesome game in the future. In the meantime, I thought I’d mention one of my most memorable games in C&C Red Alert 2.

Source: EA

C&C Red Alert 2

I remember playing this game with friends on a LAN network, (before everything was Wi-Fi) and we were supposedly playing cooperatively. We all agreed to help one another beat the computer AI, but I knew that once the AI was destroyed, they’d come for me. 

So, I spent the entire game planning for their betrayal. 

First of all, and as we were allied, I sneaked Tanyas into their base. I used a helicopter transport to carry my Tanyas to a point just outside of my allies bases, and outside of their view. I then walked my Tanyas into their bases and hid them behind the pillars of their power plants. Thankfully, due to the poor screen resolution and tiny map, they couldn’t see anything, and it wasn’t evident I’d infiltrated their bases.

Secondly, I looked at the units they were building, and neither of them prepared for an attack from the air, so I built lots of rocketeers, and waited for their eventual attack.

The war raged on, and I sat back as both my allies pummelled the AI, eventually wiping the AI out. When they were finished, they predictably turned on me. The moment came, and I was prepared.

As my former allies advanced, and launched aircraft towards my base, I used my Tanyas to blow up their airfields. They hadn’t considered the fact this might happen, and I easily destroyed all their airfields. When their aircraft returned to refuel and re-arm, they had nowhere to land and fell out of the sky like helicopter seeds from a tree. 

As their airfields blew up, they realised what was happening, so they tried to use the guard dogs to attack my Tanyas. My Tanyas swiftly dispatched them, and remained free to continue to blow up the rest of their bases. 

Whilst this was happening, their units were trying to squeeze through a small gap in the map to get to my base. This resulted in their units queuing up one by one, in front of all the rocketeers I’d created, and it was a massacre. My Rocketeers dispatched them all.

As their units diminished and their bases fell apart, I can only imagine the feeling of impending gloom. The game was lost to them. Afterwards, one of my friends said he didn’t know what happened, whilst the other shut down his computer and said he’d never play a game with me again. 

It was awesome!!! 🙂

Source: EA

Final Thoughts

I think it’s absolutely amazing that EA have decided to remaster this series and make it available to a whole new generation of gamers. I think that a lot of parents will enjoy sharing this game with their kids, and win against them, though it probably won’t last long. There will be tears on both sides. But, I think that’s the beauty of this game.

It’s a shame EA haven’t considered Red Alert 2, but perhaps and hopefully, this is something they’ll work on in the near future.

Finally, hurry up and make C&​C Rad Alert 2 available EA! Do you agree? React below.