Changes ahead with Apple: How will things look in two years?


I opened YouTube and watched the Apple WWDC 2020 keynote this week and was impressed by some of the upcoming updates. Like many who watched it might be thinking – I wondered what is really going to happen in around 2 years time?

Can Intel hardware and Apple’s own silicon hardware exist together for long? What will performance really be like?

Those two questions immediately popped into my head after the announcement during the keynote.

As with all computer tech, we will have to wait and see what benchmark results show. The obvious outcome here is that if Intel is faster, then that’s bad news for Apple. However, if Apple’s own silicon is faster in results then why would anyone buy an Intel Mac?

Overall, for Apple fans it is an exciting time for developments especially if you own multiple devices.

Thinking of buying a Mac?

It might be worth waiting to see what happens, but that depends on how heavy your usage is. It could be a wise bet to wait until the end of 2021 when ‘second versions’ of Apple laptops and desktops (with Apple silicon) would likely be released.