The budget looks big (as expected) and in my opinion I think it is just what Apple TV+ needs moving forward.

Can Intel hardware and Apple’s own silicon hardware exist together for long? What will performance really be like?

I'm sure there is certainly going to be some entertaining and different twists in store.

There are some very good pro PC builders out there and Geforce Garage on YouTube shows some of those great builds.

Desperados III was released this week and has a great trailer to kick things off.

Compared to Mudrunner it is a massive step up - everything from the HUD layout to the environment looks much more polished.

Guns, drama, explosions. Perfect for a movie trailer right?

5v5 dogfights sure does sound good and the game will have crossplay.

You are taken for a ride with happiness, sadness and really funny moments throughout...

In this day and age mobile devices are part of most people’s life day in and day out.