After Life review: Some of Ricky Gervais’s best work

Source: IMDb

When The Office hit our screens on the BBC years ago, you would have never guessed where Ricky Gervais would be now and although in my opinion a few of his roles in film and TV are very similar – there is a lot that is done right.

After Life on Netflix currently has two seasons and I’ve enjoyed both of them and I look forward to Season 3 (it has been announced). 

Being a dark comedy and created by Ricky Gervais, the first episode kicks off with various adult language moments and you know straight away that there will be almost no barriers with this series. To try and explain it spoiler free, you’re in for a treat of funny moments and savage put downs.

Ricky Gervais plays Tony, a man whose wife (Kerry Godliman) has died unexpectedly and we see how he changes in the world around him and how people react. He watches various recordings of his wife who left him messages before her death and also tries to keep busy looking after the dog. But his changed attitude of not caring and ‘you only live once’ soon starts to surprise those around him – mostly in negative ways.

Tom Basden plays Tony’s boss and brother-in-law Matt at the local newspaper where he works. He tries to control some of the situations that arise but also has his own troubles and in typical dark comedy fashion there are some brilliant moments. Speaking of brilliant moments, Tony and colleagues venture out into the local community to investigate stories for the newspaper and some of these are very, very funny.

Another character I have to mention is Paul Kaye who plays a psychiatrist. This is one of the funniest characters I have seen in a long time and again without spoilers – it is a must see. I would also recommend the bloopers on YouTube once you have finished the series.

You are taken for a ride with happiness, sadness and really funny moments throughout as well as a great cast including Ashley Jensen (Extras) – the rest is linked below.

Final words – Fire up Netflix and watch After Life now.